…With Hands Unafraid Of Any Shade Or Texture

Lorie Miller, known to those in the tri-state area as Llore, was born and raised in the city of Stamford, Connecticut. By the age of six, Lorie proclaimed to herself that she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Donning a small, tasteful peach, pink, yellow and beige plaid suit, she announced, “When I grow up, I’m going to be an artist!” Of this, she was sure.

In her six years of life, there was nothing greater than drawing Charlie Brown and his band of friends. She loved the joy of drawing big, round heads with cute hairdos over her version of outfits that should have been worn!

Throughout the years, while studying Poli-Sci, anyone privy to her college textbooks the following year would discover doodles of characters, worlds created and swirls of designs etched along the borders. This was her place as she sat in her college classroom.

By 1992, flanked by corporate cubicles, Lorie wrapped up her 9-5 to go home to paints and pastels, sand and shells, papier mache’ and joint cement, maize and textured, colorful paper that laid scattered around a perfectly white, empty canvas. Now, she was ready to work!

To date, Llore has displayed and sold various mediums of art to companies such as The Sheraton Stamford Hotel, Pip Printing, Dresses for Less, Chase Bank, Adelle’s Fabrics, Macy’s Department Store, Hue Man Bookstore and Café – just to name a few.  Her exhibits have been featured at The Rich Forum, Borders Bookstore and Café, Picture That! Art Gallery, LaBriola Gallery, New Canaan’s Barn Gallery, Ferguson Library, Glenview House, etcetera. Organizations have awarded her with first prize to first rate acknowledgements; agencies such as Stamford Kwanzaa Association, A.I.T., Friends of Ferguson.

Llore’s many artistic expressions are flavored with full funk or eclectic elegance, jazzy juxtapose or simply smooth. Depending on her temperament, she will fill a room with dynamic graphics or acryllics on canvas, papier mache or cemented sculptures…draped and adorned in anything from beads to maize. 3D canvas  or stand-alone sculptures are gallery favorites.

It is hard to pin her down to a specific style or medium, a specific art form or label. She creates it all. If she can touch it, and you can see it, Llore will use it…to create.

She is simply a delight.

“When I grow up, I’m going to be an artist.”

And that, she is!